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so i believe i know, or rather, i have a slight inkling of who R.A.B. is. i believe RAB is Serius Black's brother Regulus Black. now this is if your going by the assumption that Voldemort had already finished his series of horcrux by 1980 for that is according to the hp lexicon when he died. also that would give Voldemort the reason for killing him:

Regulus (1961? - 1980)
Younger brother of Sirius, favored by his parents as he shared their pureblood prejudices, to the point that he joined the Death Eaters. According to Sirius, "he [Regulus] got in so far, then panicked about what he was being asked to do, and tried to back out. Well, you don't just hand in your resignation to Voldemort. It's a lifetime of service or death" (OP6). Voldemort had Regulus killed sometime during 1980 (the same year the prophecy was made and Harry was born).
Regulus = 'the little king'; a star in Leo (Remember Sirius' comment that his family thought that to be a Black meant you were practically royal.)

perhapes he didn't like the fact that his bro was sent to prison, or just couldn't stand working for Voldemort anymore and this was a way of revenge.

so what do you all think?
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thats what i thought too. haha.
The first person I thought of was Regulus when I saw the note was from R.A.B. If it isn't him, I'll be really surprised.
It's either Regulus or a new character - I'm willing to bet that it's Regulus though.
yeah that's what I thought too, but that's assuming voldy finished his horcrux by then.
i don't know Voldemort seems like the type of fellow that would cover all his bases before gaining followers.